DVD-09 :: Advanced Autorotations
  • DVD-09 :: Advanced Autorotations

Please note: This DVD was filmed and produced in the 1990s.  We are currently in the process of improving our DVD training material to a more contemporary format, with some exciting stunning footage!  In the meantime the content is still highly relevant to any pilot learning to fly a helicopter today!


Advanced techniques and forced landings for positioning the helicopter after an engine failure. A must-see for pilots.

Duration: 1 Hour

Unfortunately you cannot choose when your engine quits on you, so when it does, for all you know, you may be in an unusual attitude, or a position with limited options. This is where it would be handy to have some tricks up your sleeve to better manoeuvre the helicopter to make it to a suitable landing spot.

This presentation is filled with tips that will make your split decisions a lot easier to make. The briefs take a realistic approach to the subject. For example, when considering executing a 360 degree autorotation, you may prefer to substitute it for a sequence of s-turns. The reason being that the pilot can maintain sight of his landing spot, and therefore never loses the ability to judge his rate of descent and rate of closure.

There are detailed discussions on range and endurance autorotations, as well as 180, 360 and s-turns. What about making an approach into a confined area? The constant attitude autorotation might just allow you to get in there safely.

This presentation is a great tool for instructors and students alike, as it includes important checks to carry out before you commence the practice session in your training area. Students are also reminded about airmanship considerations. What sort of autorotation would you use if you were on a night flight and your engine quit at 2000 feet AGL? Questions like this are addressed, and leave the viewer feeling like an expert. RPM and speed recommendations for the Robinson R22 and the B47 in various configurations are also described.

The DVD ends with some great footage of autorotations, including an engine failure at 400 feet after a vertical take off.

Price: $19.95

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