DVD-10 :: Slopes
  • DVD-10 :: Slopes

Please note: This DVD was filmed and produced in the 1990s.  We are currently in the process of improving our DVD training material to a more contemporary format, with some exciting stunning footage!  In the meantime the content is still highly relevant to any pilot learning to fly a helicopter today!


Landing and taking off from uneven or unprepared surfaces, and the pitfalls.

Duration: 50 mins

Sloping ground landings and take offs are often necessary at unprepared landing sites.

The Helicopter may be landed up slope, down slope or across the slope. Sometimes a combination of cross slope and up or down slope must be accepted.

A slope of up to 10 degrees may be used depending on Centre of Gravity position, wind conditions and helicopter type. Precise hovering control is necessary for the maneuver.

Slope landing limits are determined by the amount of in-slope cyclic available and that can vary with wind strength and direction.

Price: $19.95

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