DVD-17 :: Sling Loads
  • DVD-17 :: Sling Loads

How to get the most out of your sling load operation. A look at equipment and various lifting techniques. Flying footage of different loads, lengths of chains, nets, etc, plus a sling load operation in a Papua New Guinea mountain village. Some great footage of sling loads on Bell 47 in training situations.

Duration: 1 hour 40 mins

Slinging forms a significant part of commercial helicopter operations. Properly managed, it is a safe and effective method of carrying loads.

This DVD shows and describes the cargo hook fitted to the aircraft together with the systems of arming, loading, release, emergency manual release, and emergency external release.

This DVD shows and describes the nets, straps, barrel hooks and any specialized equipment together with the inspections for suitability and serviceability and describes in detail, the procedures in sling load operations including:

  • pre-flight checks of the equipment
  • briefing of ground crew
  • hooking-up, with and without ground crew
  • in-flight procedures, including emergencies, and release, with and without ground crew.

Explains that loads that are large in size relative to their weight can cause handling problems in forward flight. Describes the symptoms of load oscillation and how they can often be anticipated and stabilized before hook-up.

Also shows that should oscillations occur in flight, they can often be cured by either a reduction in airspeed, or by making gentle balanced turns and explains the advantages of well sited mirrors. This presentation points out the need for higher hover heights and modified approach and departure paths to maintain obstacle clearance, and the resultant extra power required.

Price: $19.95

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